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Improve Swedish translations
author Luna Jernberg <>
date Thu, 30 Nov 2023 18:43:41 +0100
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package-update-indicator 8 (2022-09-07T08:45:19+02:00)

- Add setting to disable preferences widgets
- Fix typos and improve German translations
- Add new setting to hide indicator menu items
- Add new setting "always-active"
- Add Brazilian Portugese translations
- Add Dutch translations
- Do not hardcode pkg-config
- Fix desktop files
- Remove translated icon names
- Add Spanish translations

package-update-indicator 7 (2020-11-17T12:21:47+01:00)

- Explicitly schedule the initial check for updates after a fixed short delay
- Add debug logging when periodic checks are inhibited
- Update Russin translations
- Add Russian translations

package-update-indicator 6 (2020-08-21T15:47:00+02:00)

- Add Italian translations
- Correct translations
- Add French translations
- Fix incorrect translation
- Add Danish translations
- Back out fallback icon support which does not work as intended

package-update-indicator 5 (2019-08-30T13:32:52+02:00)

- Reduce delay before checking for updates after an "updates-changed" signal
- Fix continuos loop of update checks if the refresh cache interval is 0
- Add fallback icons for KDE-based themes

package-update-indicator 4 (2019-07-24T16:27:25+02:00)

- Fix support for libayatana-appindicator

package-update-indicator 3 (2019-07-24T10:33:37+02:00)

- Use consistent vocabulary in German translations
- Add support for libayantana-indicator
- Fix typo in German translations
- Add missing changelog entries

package-update-indicator 2 (2018-12-08T10:09:35+01:00)

- Add keywords to desktop files
- Fix typo in notification message
- Do not run glib-compile-schemas if schemas are installed into staging
- Set application indicator title
- Add note for vendors on how to override default settings

package-update-indicator 1 (2018-07-06T14:21:28+02:00)

- Notify about required session or system restarts
- Add Indonesian translations
- Add German translations
- Add English translations
- Make PackagKit use the user's network proxies
- Do not check for updates if the battery is low
- Add setting to control whether to use a mobile connection
- Add menu item to launch the preferences application
- Use GtkBuilder for all widgets
- Add preferences application
- Initial revision