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     1.4  Build Instructions
     1.5  ------------------
     1.7 -sencrypt requires a POSIX:2004 compatible operating system, and needs GNU make,
     1.8 -GNU or BSD install, the xsltproc tool from libxml2 and the OpenSSL library to
     1.9 -be installed. It has been tested on Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Solaris and
    1.10 -Illumos-derived distributions, UnixWare, and OpenServer.
    1.11 +sencrypt requires a POSIX:2004 compatible operating system, it has been tested
    1.12 +to work on Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Solaris and Illumos-derived
    1.13 +distributions, UnixWare, and OpenServer.  The following tools and shared
    1.14 +libraries are required to build sencrypt:
    1.15 +
    1.16 +- GNU make >= 3.81
    1.17 +- GNU or BSD install
    1.18 +- OpenSSL
    1.19 +
    1.20 +Rebuilding the man pages additionally requires the xsltproc tool from libxml2.
    1.21 +
    1.22 +Before building sencrypt check the commented macros in the Makefile for any
    1.23 +macros you may need to override depending on the used toolchain and operating
    1.24 +system.
    1.25 +
    1.26 +By default, all files will be installed under the "/usr/local" directory, a
    1.27 +different installation path prefix can be set via the `prefix` macro.  In
    1.28 +addition, a second path prefix can be specified via the `DESTDIR` macro which
    1.29 +will be prepended to any path, incuding the `prefix` macro path prefix.  In
    1.30 +contrast to `prefix`, the path specified via the `DESTDIR` macro will only be
    1.31 +prepended to paths during installation and not be used for constructing
    1.32 +internal paths.
    1.33 +
    1.34 +The following instructions assume that `make` is GNU make, on some platforms
    1.35 +it may be installed under a different name or a non-default path.  In order to
    1.36 +start the build process run `make all`.  After a successful build, run `make
    1.37 +install` to install the program, any associated data files and the
    1.38 +documentation.
    1.39 +
    1.40 +Previously built binaries, object files, generated data files and
    1.41 +documentation can be removed by running `make clean`, any additional,
    1.42 +generated files which are not removed by the `clean` target can be removed by
    1.43 +running `make clobber`.
    1.44 +
    1.45 +Contact
    1.46 +-------
    1.47 +
    1.48 +Please send any feedback, translations or bug reports via email to
    1.49 +<>.
    1.50 +
    1.51 +Bug Reports
    1.52 +-----------
    1.53 +
    1.54 +When sending bug reports, please always mention the exact version of sencrypt
    1.55 +with which the issue occurs as well as the version of the operating system you
    1.56 +are using and make sure that you provide sufficient information to reproduce
    1.57 +the issue and include any input, output, any error messages.
    1.58 +
    1.59 +In case of build issues, please also specify the implementations and versions
    1.60 +of the tools and shared libraries used to build the program, in particular the
    1.61 +compiler.
    1.62 +
    1.63 +In case of crashes, please generate a stack trace with a suitable debugger
    1.64 +such as gdb, lldb, dbx, or debug after a crash has occurred either by
    1.65 +examining the resulting core file or by running the program from the debugger
    1.66 +and attach it to the bug report.  In order to generate a meaningful stack
    1.67 +trace the program as well as any dynamically linked libraries need to be built
    1.68 +with debugging information, see the documentation of the used compiler for the
    1.69 +required compiler flags.  If any of the dynamically linked shared libraries do
    1.70 +not contain debugging information, please either install debugging information
    1.71 +for these libraries using mechanisms provided by your operating system or
    1.72 +rebuild the libraries accordingly.  Please refer to the documentation of the
    1.73 +debugger for detailed instructions on generating backtraces.
    1.75  License
    1.76  -------