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Move pinned tabs correctly

Pinned tabs need to be handled separately, the must either be moved before or
after other pinned tabs or to index 0. The built-in behavior of the "Move to
New Window" action is to unpin tabs. Follow this behavior for consistency.
Furthermore, active, pinned tabs are not marked as active. Handle this case as
author Guido Berhoerster <>
date Thu Apr 08 11:22:24 2021 +0200 (18 months ago)
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1 Tab Mover
2 =========
4 Tab Mover is a Firefox Addon for quickly moving tabs between windows via the
5 context menu. It can move tabs between two normal windows, two windows in
6 incognito mode and from a normal window to an window in incognito mode. Since
7 it is not possible to directly move tabs between normal windows and windows in
8 incognito mode, Tab Mover can perform the equivalent of moving a tab by
9 closing and reopening such tabs in another window.
11 Usage
12 -----
14 In order to move a tab between windows, open the tab context menu by clicking
15 on the tab using the right mouse button, then open the submenu named
16 "Tab Mover", and finally select a window from the submenu named "Move to
17 Window". Multiple tabs can be moved by opening the context menu on a tab
18 belonging to a group of highlighted tabs (highlighting multiple tabs is
19 possible starting from Firefox 62 if the preference browser.tabs.multiselect
20 is set to "true").
22 In order to close a tab in a window in incognito mode and to reopen its URL
23 in a normal window or vice versa, open the tab context menu by clicking the
24 tab using the right mouse button, then open the submenu named "Tab Mover", and
25 finally select a window from the submenu named "Close and Reopen in Window".
27 Contact
28 -------
30 Please send any feedback, translations or bug reports via email to
31 <>
33 Bug Reports
34 -----------
36 When sending bug reports, please always mention the exact version of the addon
37 with which the issue occurs as well as the version of Firefox and the operating
38 system you are using and make sure that you provide sufficient information to
39 reproduce the issue and include any error messages.
41 License
42 -------
44 Except otherwise noted, all files are Copyright (C) 2017 Guido Berhoerster and
45 distributed under the following license terms:
47 Copyright (C) 2017 Guido Berhoerster <>
49 This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
50 License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
51 file, You can obtain one at